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Hey there everyone. Have had a busy last couple of weeks but this weekend was a little more leisurely. Saturday was my Birthday and John took me out for lunch at the coast and then he bought me a new wetsuit. I can no longer use the excuse that it is too cold to go swimming! Thanks to all of you who have sent cards, messages and emails to wish me another year older. It’s nice to know I’m not forgotten just yet. Today we drove over to Wongan Hills where we picked up a new (old) car. We decided we should have something cheaper to clock up the commuting kms in so the big blue Ute has been parked in the shed only to see the light of day at weekends. This also means that for anyone coming to stay with us we now have a spare car for them to use (terms and conditions apply including chocolates and bribes!) The weather has been very summery lately, struggling to dip below 30’c for the last week or so. Today was about 38/39’c I think. Bush fires are in the minds of everyone at present particularly with harvest well under way. (Harvesters occasionally start fires when it is as hot and dry as this) Dandaragan experienced two fires last week, one of which was only about 3 paddocks away from our place. I went home from work for an hour or so to keep an eye on it but it changed direction after a while and shortly after that was extinguished.
Hopefully I will be putting some new pics on here soon but my camera is poorly at the mo. Hopfully santa will be bringing me a new one or I’ll try to get some on John’s camera but he usually hides that one from me. Can’t think why! Until then words are my only update for you all, sorry.

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