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New Fence Before the storm


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A nice Picture of us driving….

On an outing to Perth, some nice people not only took a picture of our car – they went to the trouble of posting it to us! Aussies are so nice!library-7848.jpg
It was $150 but I think it is well worth it.

May try and get another with the other car.

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Coming home –

We are returning in sept for a Visit to Pommyland and Lincolnshire – The county with many famous people: Wahoo!

1. Henry Bolingbroke, who became King Henry IV – born at Bolingbroke Castle
2. Isaac Newton, scientist – born at Woolsthorpe Manor
3. Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate – born in Somersby
4. Sir Joseph Banks, early botanist in Australia – born in Revesby
5. George Bass, explorer of Australia – born in Aswarby
6. Matthew Flinders, cartographer and man who named Australia – born in Donington, near Spalding
7. Sir John Franklin, Arctic explorer – born in Spilsby
8. Lady Margaret Thatcher, First British woman Prime Minister – born in Grantham
9. Geoff Capes, Commonwealth Gold Medalist and twice strongest man in the world – born in Holbeach
10. Bernie Taupin, songwriter for Elton John – born near Sleaford
11. Nicolas Parsons, broadcaster founder of “This is your Life”- born in Grantham
12. George Boole, father of modern algebra making way for computers – born in Lincoln
13. Some even say Robin Hood was a Lincs man
14. Jim Broadbent Oscar winning actor of Moulin Rouge and Iris fame lives near Louth
15. Jennifer Saunders was born in Sleaford – the trout from Absolutely Fabulous etc
17.Charles and John Welsey were the leaders of the Methodist movement in the 18th Century and were born in Epworth, just north of Lincoln.
18. Abi Titmus got her knockers out at school in Sleaford

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