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Canyon at sunset

Swimming in the Gorge

Top of Mt Bruce

Climbing Mt Bruce

Kermit pool

Handrail Pool

Narrow gorge

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Karijini (Again)

On day two of our stay in the National Park we climbed Mt Bruce, WA second highest peak at 1235mtrs. I wouldn’t say it was a particularly enjoyable experience, neither an easy one, however, once we made it to the summit almost 3 hours after starting the climb it was an impressive sight and gave you a warm, satisfied feeling inside. Well thats what I told my self anyway, I wanted to kid myself that it was all worth the sore feet, sweat and flies!!! Seriously, it was quite an achievement and not something you can do every day (thank goodness) and besides Rachel forced us to do it!!!

John, Rach and Andy at the top of Mt Bruce.
Me at the top….
North easterly view from the top.
Down in the Hamersley Gorge cooling off the following day, the Hamersley Ranges are on the far side of the park from where we camped and I think this area was one of my favorites plus there was less people on this side of the park (not that the main areas were exactly crowded.)
Hamersley Gorge….
On the way back to camp. This was a short detour where you can actually drive along the bottom of a gorge. In places the road was washed away completely from when the gorge was in higher flow….I think John enjoyed the off road driving experience at least.

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The Wild Side

We encountered many beasts while exploring the NP and the ocean at Coral (cloudy) Bay, here’s just a few;
(I’ve also added some more pics in previous posts so scroll down)

Some cows in the middle of the road on the way to Coral Bay (Sorry about the slightly out of focus picture)
We think this was a Shovel Nosed Sting Ray
This is an Eagle Ray, check out the length of it’s tail! Rachel took this shot about 30+ mtrs off shore while we were snorkeling. Cool…
Even cooler, what we came to see, the Manta Ray. I think this one was just under 3 mtrs wide. We saw three in total.
After the Manta’s we did some normal snorkeling off the boat near some reef.
A lizard of some sort
A lovely Centipede…approximately 6 inches long! Mmmmm….
A goanna – about 3 foot long
A cute – 7 inch Mantis
Finally a small cute Lizard, Ahh;

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Karijini Nation Park (Part two of the holiday)(scroll down for part one)

After Coral (cloudy) Bay we headed slightly north and 8 hours east to the Karijini NP which is WA’s second largest NP and next door to WA’s highest town, Tom Price. Half way there (and enjoying a break from the rain and the driving) we stopped by the side of the road in the shade of a small tree to make a quick sarny for lunch.
Almost there….
The top of our first gorge before climbing down……
Down in the gorge, on our way to our first cool swim at Fern Pool…..
Fern Pool, beautiful, unusually I was first in even though it was rather chilly!
John in Circular pool, same gorge, different direction. This was about the only picture I managed to get of him all holiday without him pulling a silly face!
Circular pool from the top….
A waterfall towards the end of our first day
Back at our new camp inside the National Park.

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Coral (Cloudy) Bay

Recently, after collecting Rachel and Andy from the airport, we headed up north on our annual adventure seeking sun, sand and clear blue seas. Unfortunately, Coral Bay, usually a very dry place, had over half its annual rainfall during the 3 days we were there and so we ended up with cloud, rain and a very grey ocean. This picture was on the first morning before the cloud rolled in. We had a few hours snorkeling, sun bathing and swimming. Beautiful, just what we all needed after the 11 hour drive to get there the day before.
Rachel and I above John who held his breath for a long time to take this picture from below us.
On our way out to snorkel with Mantas
Me (Georgie) skin diving
Our camp….before the rain started, soon after this the tarps came out!!

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A couple of weeks ago a group of 8 of us girls (2 of them aren’t in the picture) went to see Pink in Perth and I have to say she was amazing. Probably about the best live act I’ve ever seen. It was a night to remember…..