Country Living

Cornwall 2002

Just a quick trip down memory lane – quality isn`t great cause of the old digital cameras then.

Country Living

Backpackers in search of culture

We had yet another set of freeloaders this week – Graham and Bridgett. It is so easy to feel sorry for people with backpacks wondering the globe like snails without a compass. So it did feel good to take them in and out of the weather for a while – unfortunately somehow they escaped out of the aquarium and buggered off in the Toyota. Anyway they seemed to enjoy the place/or are very polite in their very own travel blog Here.Enjoy the rest of your trip G&B

A salute to BP and pommie globalism. Graham’s salute seemed more apt actually.img_7757.jpg


We let People borrow the car but I`m sure going to the moon is pushing our hospitality don`t you think?
Would it be rude to suspect that Daniel Craig will be safe for a while?
The local tavern had nice food – and had the seventy’s theme down to a t.
We didn’t realize this and our dress sense was just a coincidence.

Country Living

Mum and Rods Holiday

Rod and Judy landed 3 weeks ago to spend two action packed weeks here in WA.  It was great fun having visitors again even if they did get the Toyota bogged in a sand dune!!  I hope you enjoyed the experience R and J and will return to see us again soon.  We have now officially started our detox and have joined the liver transplant waiting list!!
perth rod

Rod and Judy’s first evening in WA.


When its 45’c in the shade there’s only one thing for it and thats a day at the beach.  John is obviously feeling the effects of the heat and seems to have gone a little tropo.

Touring round the Aussie countryside on another hot and sunny day.


Enjoying a stroll down the new cafe strip in Bunbury.


A couple of views from the windy look out tower in Bunbury.


And of course, all that sight seeing is very thirsty work.