Country Living

Sandy Cape – Christmas eve



Night at Sandy cape

We spent Christmas eve swaging it at Sandy Cape – North Of Jurien. Its a great place but the flies were bad and 38 degrees didn`t help matters. Throwing yourselves in the sea was always an option.

A picture of my Ute


Satellite View of our block

Click here – You can see the dam and our water tanks (its greener most of the time!)

This is just funny!

Country Living

Georgies BBQ BDAY

Chiara – A dizzy Italian Cook

The pom and the wog fight for bbq supremicy

Boz eyed John with Nathan. A typical pasty, short, balding Aussie!!!!

Daniel, Sarah and Keri-lee through the fog.

Another small animal. Bought initially for main course but is now called Juzzy!

Dan and Sarah just happy that the 4×4 that just went past them – missed Daniels foot by inches.

Dannel, Tara, Shannon, Simon and Locky eat their nice food before the restaurant shut. We got there 1 minute after and after unsuccessfully trying to get food, left with our prides and 6 table umbrellas.


Our Little Lake

Take a little tour of our grounds!