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Sheila and David Visit!

Yes thay made it all the way here and all the way back again. I think it is safe to say they had a great time and they are even suggesting they may come back!

Mum at Gingin near a reserve containing snakes!!

Mum and dad at Toodyay on a bridge over the Avon river.

On the beach at Lancelin late afternoon, eddie makes an appearance in the picture!

Keita going crazy as ever in the sand.

Struggling up the dunes at Lancelin to watch the sun setting over the Ocean.

Dad having a tractor lesson in our back paddock.

Country Living

More panoramas of oz

A bobtail skink – which are common on the dirt road this time of year sunning themselves. They are slow creatures but have powerful jaws. This was VERY dangerous!

This tour was taken in Exmouth when Andy and rach were here – but only just got round to creating it.

Country Living

Virtual Tours of Exmouth

One person has been bugging me to do these – but her computer is good for only abusing people.

But now, due to technological advances, I can show you some virtual tours in Flash – everbody has flash don`t they???? Rachel???

anyhoo —

A Virtual tour of the Exmouth Lighthouse

A Virtual tour of Andy Snorkeling amoungst very dangerous aquatic life

Country Living

Camping… in the back of the Ute

We went on a bush camp the other night, was fun! – Plently of stars, spiders, fires and grog. We now know that a ute is good for any one upto 6 foot 4 but a duel cab is no good for anyone over 5 foot 1. So only Georgie had a good night’s sleep.