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Trip to the mother Country!

Hi everyone,
A big thank you to everyone who put us up while we were in green green pommy land. We had a great time and it was so cool to catch up with everybody. Looking forward to being able to return the favours and have people to stay here. Lloyd and Kat; Lyla is a beautiful little baby and I’m sure you are both so proud. I was honoured to be picked to do a reading for you at the naming day. We look forward to seeing you all again not too far down the line we hope. Vicki and Rob; Thank you very much for having us at your wedding. It was a perfect day and we caught up with many people some of whom we hadn’t seen for years. We hope you both have fond memories of the day for years to come and Vicki if you can face another long flight we look forward to having you both over sometime for a holiday down under.

A 10 day trip to the UK – it was very busy!
Few gallerys for you to look at:

Lyla’s is named wel “Lyla”

Rob & Vikki Smith’s Wedding